Woman Convicted of Burglary at Reading Court

female burglar High Wycombe

Sugar and spice and all things nice… But not all girls are made of sweet things. Here’s how “Sisters doin’ it for themselves” could be bad news for the homeowners of High Wycombe and beyond…

Berkshire woman convicted of burglary

Thames Valley police report that a 31-year-old woman was convicted of multiple burglary offences. She appeared before Magistrates but will be sentenced by the greater power of Reading Crown Court.

The investigating officer said the woman…

“…showed complete disregard for her victims, whose homes were broken into and their property was taken.”

He added:

“Burglary is a very invasive crime, and can have a large impact on the victims, who have every right to feel safe in their homes”.

Dangerous ladies

An even more shocking case was uncovered in Germany. The BBC reported that a gang of over 500 members had been forcing women to commit burglaries all across Europe. The reasoning was the women were more discreet and less likely to face jail.

It goes to show we can’t afford to get stuck in our ways of thinking about home security. Just because a man wouldn’t fit through a side window doesn’t mean it’s safe to leave it unprotected!

Do women make better burglars?

Women tend to be:

  • Smaller in frame
  • More agile
  • Lighter
  • Less likely to attract attention

This means they can get in and out of more places. And they can do it faster. They make less noise moving around and carry large bags without raising suspicion.

Think about it… if you saw a man hanging around in your street would you make a mental note of his appearance? Check that he’d moved on a bit later? What if it was a woman? Chances are you’re more likely to ask her if she’s ok!

burglary in High Wycombe

Nice people don’t think like burglars!

You may notice a house because it has a lovely garden or nice curtains. A burglar would be looking at what they could use from the garden to break in. Robbers peek beyond curtains to see what’s inside and how they can grab it. Not everyone is as nice as you! That’s where a professional security expert can help.

A quality home security alarm will deter male or female burglars. But you can’t rely on standard, “out of the box” kit. You need the one that’s right for your home.

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