Wired vs Wireless Alarms, What’s Best For Protecting Your Home?

Over 11,000 households fell victim to burglary in the Thames Valley in 2018…

That means, nearly 1,000 family homes were ransacked each month. Those horrifying figures highlight the fact that home security should be top of the list in 2019.

If you’re reading this, it means you’re on the right track to safeguarding your home from the bad guys. But, with so many home alarm options on the market, how do you know which system is best for you? Cut through the noise and find out in this quick guide!

But first…

What Is A Wired Alarm System?

These are the old faithfuls that have been around for years. You are bound to have seen one, and possibly even heard the false alarms if it was badly installed!

An external bellbox connects to the control panel and sensors inside the building by cables. Hard wired alarms use the mains electricity for power, which makes them permanent once installed. It’s not impossible to remove them, but it’s a pain and requires redecorating afterwards!

Older buildings and commercial premises usually have hard wired alarm systems in place, because they were thought to be the most reliable compared to wireless systems. However, modern technology has evened out the playing field.

(And forget the old horror films where the baddie cuts the wires outside – the alarms we install are tamper proof!)

Wired security systems can usually cover long distances, so they’re great for large properties. You can extend them or add wireless components if your needs change.

If monitored by a monitoring station, the system will use your landline to call a programmed number if there’s an alert.

What Is A Wireless Alarm System & How Does It Work?

A wireless alarm has all of the components of a traditional wired system like the:

  • External bellbox
  • Control panel and
  • Sensors

But…your system is powered by batteries instead of mains electricity.

Just like your phone connecting to your WiFi, your wireless alarm system connects to a secure online server using your broadband.

This makes them particularly useful if you don’t want to re-decorate after the install. It also means you can take them with you when you move or have them fitted in a rental property!

For monitored wireless alarms, messages go to the secure server in the cloud. The server is managed by the alarm manufacturers and completely safe. The monitoring station check any alerts and inform you or the authorities as needed.

A Watchful Eye & Fingertip Control

A smart app can be used to control your home alarm, turning it on or off remotely (among many other useful settings!)

Smart Home Alarm App

You get notifications about your alarm status so you know when it’s been switched on or off – and by whom.

Wired and wireless home security systems can integrate with CCTV cameras for extra protection. You’ll be notified if anything triggers an alert.

Simply log in, check the camera feed and take action immediately. For everyday convenience you can log in to check on the dog or kids! Are they hitting the books or the games console and social media? See for yourself!

The Best Home Alarm For You

Falcon don’t supply ‘one size fits all’ systems. Our professionals take into consideration:

  • The size and layout of your home
  • Whether you have pets or young children
  • If you plan to move or stay forever

All of these things influence the type of system you require.

True home security is not as simple as picking out a standard kit – otherwise the burglars would have it figured out in no time!

Getting any part of your system wrong means you’re not getting the protection you need. But you don’t have to wade through all the information alone!

Falcon, Proudly Protecting Properties In The Thames Valley

Our experts can guide you through the home security maze and help you avoid errors that leave your home and family vulnerable.

Customers trust us because of these 3 promises:

  • We will come when we say we will
  • We won’t put the prices up every year
  • We keep the equipment working the way it’s supposed to

Falcon don’t do out of the box – our qualified professionals visit your property for a survey and quote you for a system tailored to your needs.

Our security site surveys are completely free of charge and there’s no obligation!

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