Why A Reliable Alarm System Is Vital In The Thames Valley In 2019

Police have been slashing budgets in the Thames Valley… and this has a direct impact on your home security and the need for a reliable alarm system. Here’s why:

Data from the National Audit Office reveals that the budget for Thames Valley Police had been cut by £80m over the previous seven years!

In November 2018, outgoing Chief Constable Francis Habgood announced that budget cuts could leave Thames Valley at tipping point…

He said that the force will need to make savings of £14m over the next three years… and they have already lost 450 officers.

He told local newspapers and media that difficult decisions are faced every day but the priority is to protect the most vulnerable.

However, there may need to be “…cuts to areas where the Police are expected to be able to respond. But actually we will have to say “No” more often or have to provide service in a different way.”

This made for worrying reading…

Police in the Thames Valley

On January 22 2019, Anthony Stansfeld, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley approved Thames Valley Police’s capital and revenue plans for 2019/20.

He went on to say:

“The 2019/20 funding settlement has allowed us to avoid a reduction in resource and I am pleased to be able to agree a budget today which enables Thames Valley Police to invest in operational policing to help protect our communities.”
“It is important to recognise, however that more than half of the funding in the Government’s 2019/20 settlement (£509m) available nationally to Police and Crime Commissioners is expected to come from local taxpayers by increasing the police portion of the Council Tax.”
“After funding pay and price rise, the increase in Council Tax enables me to invest around £8.5m in a number of priority policing areas. These include the recruitment of additional officers to respond to increasing crime demand and complexity, improved service to the public in investment in 101 call handling, the recruitment of investigators to tackle complex crime and, investment in technology to improve productivity and efficiency.”
…So what does this have to do with home alarms?

What Does This Mean For Your Home Security In The Thames Valley?

There’s even less money and manpower to respond to ringing home alarms.

False activations waste valuable Police time, which means a reliable home alarm system is vital. DIY installations or cheap second hand equipment installed by your local handyman won’t do…

If you want the Police to respond when your alarm goes off, you need:

What Is SSAIB & Why Does It Mean The Police Will Come?

The Security Systems and Alarm Inspection Board (SSAIB) is a leading certification body for fire and security systems – recognised in the industry, by Police and insurance companies.

Security installers with SSAIB certification, like Falcon, must undergo inspections to ensure we comply with industry standards and offer the best possible service to customers.

Of course, any fire & security company can tell you: “You can trust us…” and “We care“. But most see service through the eyes of the engineer not the customer.

Falcon don’t. Customers trust us because of these 3 promises:

  • We will come when we say we will
  • We won’t put the prices up every year
  • We keep the equipment working the way it’s supposed to

Every customer gets the first-class service and attention they deserve!

Falcon, Proudly Protecting Property In The Thames Valley

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