Unexpected Entry At Top Of Thames Valley Police Home Security Checklist?

There was a 3% rise in residential burglaries between September 2017 and August 2018! In response, the Police have issued a new list of ways to prevent burglary.

Can you guess what is top of this list?

No, it’s not keeping a light on a timer. Or installing a home alarm system

It’s something as simple as locking your door! But there’s one type of door that is particularly vulnerable, according to the Police.

I visited my elderly Auntie Vi, who lives in Maidenhead recently. She was expecting me but she didn’t answer the door when I rang. After several rings, I opened the side gate and went around to the back door.

I was shocked to discover that I was able to just walk into her house. The back door was not locked.

Auntie Vi was surprised too. She thought that closing the door meant that it had locked behind her – just like the front door.

Thames Valley Locksmiths report a problem with uPVC doors

Many Thames Valley locksmiths are reporting a problem with some uPVC doors. The mechanism used means that it is not enough to just close it behind you. The handle has to be rotated upwards and held there until you hear the lock ‘catch’.

Sadly, burglars are also aware of this fault and will often check all uPVC doors in an area… until one opens.

So, when you leave the house, make sure your front and back doors are properly locked. Try the handle and push on the door to ensure it does not open. Even if you believe you have locked it.

There were a couple of other unusual items on the checklist. These were specifically mentioned to reporters by Thames Valley’s Head of Force Intelligence and Special Operations, Richard List.

  • Don’t advertise to burglars on social media when you are away from home
  • Remember to regularly change your internet router password to prevent hacks

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