Top 10 Security Tips for Closed Business Premises

The government’s guidelines have resulted in closure of the majority of business premises, making it an ideal time to review the security at your business premises to eliminate the chance of a burglary.

Together with the Thames Valley Police we have put together a list of 10 security tips to help you carry out a security risk assessment of your business premises; and we are here for virtual surveys if you would like our professional security perspective.

  1. Property Maintenance. The best form of security is to deter any unwanted visitors. We advise you to keep up your regular maintenance schedule as best as you can because a visibly maintained property gives the impression of a well protected property. Check your premises on a weekly basis to see if there are any signs of an attempted break-ins and remove any litter. Cut back any landscapes that obstruct your CCTV surveillance or allow thieves to hide behind. Store your bins securely away from the building to prevent thieves from climbing and breaking in at a first floor level.
  2. Monitored Intruder Alarm System. This is a crucial deterrent and increases the likelihood of an intruder being caught because a monitored alarm can trigger a call to your local police authority. Regular maintenance ensures the system is fully operational. Starting from £22 per month, it’s an affordable price with lots of benefits, which may include insurance reductions.
  3. CCTV System.  Regular maintenance of your CCTV system prolongs the life of your investment and ensures it is there when you need it. In many cases this can even be done remotely. Falcon offer a remote health check service for systems where this is possible. Well designed CCTV systems, with sufficient storage, and with full coverage of vulnerable areas such as entry and exit points are a crucial part of any premises security system. Keep the recording equipment in a secure cabinet or locked room within the building. All CCTV systems must comply with the Information Commissioners Office.
  4. Security Fogging System. A fogging system is triggered by an alarm and fills the room with dense, harmless fog. This provides excellent protection because the reduced visibility makes it virtually impossible for the intruder to access the items they want to steal. If you already have a fogging system in place regular maintenance makes sure this is in good working order.
  5. Doors and Windows. Shut and lock all doors and windows since a large number of break-ins are via unlocked access points. Check they are free from damage and have good quality locks because your first line of defense is the appearance that your premises are hard to enter. There are various types of doors and windows that may have a multi-point or single-point locking mechanisms.
  6. Glazing. Laminating any accessible glazing helps them to resist forced entry. This can be extremely effective because it slows down any attempted entry. Alternatively, applying security film internally can be a cost effective solution and may be more practical to apply. Speak with a specialist if you are unsure.
  7. Roller Shutters and grilles. Physical security increase the deterrent factor because they take valuable time to penetrate, and should be considered for all vulnerable points of entry; in particular protecting recessed doors that create hiding places because they are set back from the building.
  8. Security Lighting. Low light conditions are attractive for intruders. Well laid out security lighting is a verifiable deterrent to those attempting to enter illegally. Having security lights with inbuilt PIRs or other detector devices can be extremely cost effective because they are only on when someone is there. Good lighting also benefits team members when exiting or arriving at the building in darkness hours. Additional lighting will also create a clearer picture at night on your CCTV footage.
  9. Safe storage of valuables, assets and stock. These items may be a target for thieves, especially if they are on display, so it is important to remove them from closed business premises or provide a secure, lockable container and remove the keys from site.
  10. Gaming and vending machines. Empty gaming or vending machines of stock and cash and place a visible external facing sign to advertise this fact. When added to well placed CCTV warning signs this can be an effective deterrent strategy.

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