The 8 Steps You Need To Take If You’ve Been Burgled

burglary in High Wycombe

It’s probably not something you’ve thought about until it happens. Here are eight steps to take if your home has been burgled.

1 – Call the police

Do this straight away. It gives the police a better chance of catching the criminal, but keep in mind that different circumstances will affect how you report it.

  • If you suspect the intruder is still inside the property, do not enter! Instead call 999 from a safe place and if available, officers will attend quickly. 
  • If the intruders have left the property, report the burglary to the non-emergency number on 101.
  • Or, Thames Valley Police have an online reporting system (

2 – Don’t touch anything

As distressing as it may be, your property is a crime scene and you must not touch anything as this could disturb the investigation.

Police officers may able to gather evidence from footprints, fingerprints, tool marks etc.

3 – Make a list of stolen or damaged property

Go through your home and make a list of everything that has been stolen or damaged.

Look out for missing house, car or window keys. Intruders may try their luck and come back in six months once the stolen property has been replaced. 

4 – Inform all parties affected, from your bank to your ID

If your purse or wallet has been stolen make sure you call your bank and report it. They will be able to put an immediate block on your cards being used and send you replacements. 

You will also need to do the same for stolen driving licenses, passports and mobile phones. Anything that stores your personal data or financial data. 

5 – Get a crime reference number

The police give crime reference numbers to all reported crimes. Remember to keep a note of this as insurers will require it to process your claim.

6 – Contact your home insurance provider

Get in touch with the claims department, make sure you have your crime reference number to hand. You may be required to fill in forms and gather proof of purchases, but whatever claim you are applying for, the insurance provider will be able to assist. 

7 – Secure your home

Doors or windows that have been damaged during the break-in will need to be repaired quickly. You may wish to change your locks or add additional security such as an intruder alarm or CCTV system to make it harder for a repeat visit from the intruder. Because burglars do come back!

8 – Take care of you

It’s a horrible experience when an intruder has entered your home. Whether you have been unlucky to have your property stolen or not, knowing that someone else has been in your home is distressing.

If you live on your own, surround yourself with friends and neighbours. Children can find the loss of security difficult to adjust to, so call on a friend or family member to take your kids out whilst you tidy their belongings.  

Do not feel ashamed if you need to reach out for help. Victim Support are an amazing charity that help victims of burglary.  Their free support line is 08 08 16 89 111 or visit their website for more information.  

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