Smart Home Alarms – Proudly Protecting Families in Maidenhead

Our tagline shouts Proudly Protecting Property. But keeping families safe is also a major focus of our work.

A local Maidenhead family called Falcon Fire & Security with a very specific problem. Here’s how we provided a personalised security solution to meet their needs:

The Problem: Security Concerns

Their disabled son was determined to become independent by attending day trips with a local group.

His parents would see him off and then go to work. However, they worried about what would happen when he came home to an empty house.

They wanted to know that he would not be returning to a ransacked home. Or, worse still, burglars still on site.

The parents also wanted to be reassured that their son had returned home safely. But they didn’t want to have to wait for him to remember to call them.

Falcon suggested a range of simple solutions…

Graphic of inside of home

The Solution: A Smart Home Alarm System

Smart alarm systems are changing home security as we know it. Gone are the days of remembering pin codes and wondering “did I remember to set the alarm?!”

A smart alarm system for the concerned family would mean:

  • Motion sensors inside the house would trigger an external siren if anyone broke in
  • CCTV cameras could be placed inside and outside the house to give a clear view of any movements
  • A Smartphone app could alert the parents about activations of the motion sensors
  • The CCTV footage could then be viewed to see if there was a problem, or if their son was home safely
  • A Smartphone app could also notify a central monitoring station if Police response was required

Find out which simple combination this Maidenhead family chose.

Whatever your needs, we have a personalised home alarm system to suit your family and your budget.

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