Protect Your Home With Falcon’s 8 Top Tips To Keep Burglars Out!

Protected By A Home Alarm System

If there’s an opportunity to invade your home a burglar will take it! Here are eight things you can do to protect your home and make burglars think twice.

1 – Lift and lock – or lose out!

In approximately one-third of burglaries the intruder slips in through an unlocked door or window. The first step in your security is having solid core exterior doors with high quality deadbolts. French doors can be secured with a quality deadbolt lock and a slide bolt penetrating the doorframe. Most importantly – lock them! Whether you’re leaving for ten minutes or a fortnight. Lock every door, every window, every time!

2 – Man’s best friend can be a burglars worst nightmare

The bark really is worse than the bite here so size doesn’t matter. Whether a Great Dane or a Pug, the most important aspect is a dog that makes a noise so nobody can sneak around your property. Just make sure the dog isn’t the one causing a ruckus. A security system with pet friendly sensors will know the difference between your furry friend and a foe.

3 – Ring the bells – and the police!

For something that not only makes noise but also calls for help, consider a home security system. Security systems detect when someone enters your house uninvited, set off an alarm, and can also notify authorities for immediate response.

But don’t be fooled into buying an off the shelf alarm kit. These are basic quality and easily bypassed by thieves. A professional grade alarm is the very best burglar deterrent to protect your home and family.

4 – Light up and see who’s lurking

Motion sensor lights only illuminate areas of your property when needed – like when someone approaches in the dark.  This is handy to protect your home and family but a pain for burglars. The LED bulbs last for ages so these are low maintenance too!

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5 – Keep a watchful eye out 24/7

CCTV systems are an effective deterrent against unwanted intrusion. They’re also great for checking in on elderly loved ones or teens after school.

With the ability to dial in and watch your cameras from anywhere in the world, a quality CCTV system can give you the peace of mind that people and possessions are safe at home.

6 – Cut the camouflage

Overgrown trees and shrubs provide good hiding places for burglars and can obscure their entry into your home. If you don’t enjoy gardening get someone in to keep things under control.

Don’t let the daisies give you away! A shaggy lawn – especially one that’s usually trimmed – can also indicate to a burglar that you’re on holiday or away on business.

7 – Playing pretend

Burglars look for routines, and when there’s a change in routine – like when you’re on holiday – it’s a signal that your property may be clear for a break-in.

With that in mind, the goal when you’re gone is for the property to appear occupied. Try timers on your lights. Radios and TVs can also be set on a plug-in timer or controlled through a smart home app to create the illusion that you’re in.

8 – Love thy neighbour

We just talked about making your home look occupied while you’re away. And the good news is you can enlist help. Your neighbours can be your eyes and ears.

Ask them to look out for post, leaflets, and deliveries while you’re on holiday. You could also ask someone to park their vehicle in your driveway. Any sign of activity at your property can be enough to deter an opportunist burglar. And of course, you can return the favour when the neighbours are away!

The best way to protect your home

These 8 tips are useful but the very best burglar deterrent is a high quality home security system. Burglars see that an expert has surveyed the property and completely secured it! They know there’s no point trying to break in where a qualified, experienced security specialist has been before.

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