Protect Your Family 24/7 With a Zonal Home Alarm!

Do you have a home alarm? Is it earning its keep? If…

  • You only switch it on when the house is empty
  • You’re not using it at night because you don’t want a false alarm when nature calls or
  • It’s too much hassle to turn it off when one of the kiddies has a bad dream

…the answer is no! But help is at hand. A zonal home alarm solves all these problems and more! Read on to discover how easy it is to get 24/7 protection for your home and family…

Zonal alarm protecting home

What is a Zonal Home Alarm?

Traditional alarms were designed to protect homes when the occupants were out. The system was either on or off.

A great burglar deterrent while you are on holiday or on the school run… but what is your alarm doing for the majority of the time while you’re at home?

In fact, many homeowners don’t set their alarms at night when the house IS occupied. No one wants to have to deal with the alarm when they fancy a glass of water at 2 am… besides… Dad is home to keep the home safe from burglars, right?

Zonal alarms are more flexible than ON or OFF. You have the power to safeguard individual ‘zones’ (sections) around the home. This means you can protect one area and still move freely around the rest of the house.

Your alarm is now protecting your empty house and looking out for your family at home!

home security checklist

How a Zonal Home Alarm enriches your life

In short, it can do its job all day, every day. And you are totally in control. For example:

  • The nursery can be covered while the baby is having a nap so you can relax downstairs
  • Or protect downstairs as well – enjoy a shower or catch up on your own sleep!
  • In summer you can feel safe in the garden knowing the front door and windows are alarmed
  • Let the dog walker in by disarming the downstairs zone, activate it again when they leave
  • Keep the kids off your work computer by safeguarding the home office
  • Set the perimeter and downstairs at bedtime so bathroom visits or night-waking toddlers don’t cause false alarms
  • Allow older children the independence of being home alone, knowing that you can still keep them safe
  • Integrate CCTV cameras so you can watch live or recorded footage from your mobile – any time of day!

Zonal Alarms offer the biggest bang for your buck!

Home security systems are an investment. A zonal alarm provides a fantastic return on that investment because it protects your home 24/7. It’s no longer gathering dust while the family are indoors.

24/7 peace of mind = more bang for your buck!

It’s convenient too, an app on your phone or tablet means you’re protected at the tap of a button. You are in complete control.

Falcon know that every home has its own security needs. So we don’t do “one size fits all” security!

There’s a zonal alarm solution for everyone, whether you’re:

  • Living alone or your partner is away
  • At home with babies or toddlers or
  • A busy family with growing children and pets…

…you can protect your property when you’re out and your family when they’re in!

What can Falcon do for me?

Falcon have been Proudly Protecting Property in High Wycombe and the Thames Valley for years. Our customers trust us because we care and because we promise three things:

  • We will come when we say we will
  • We won’t put the prices up every year
  • We keep the equipment working the way it’s supposed to

Our experienced professionals will listen and guide you through the bells and whistles to the security system that’s right for YOU. We are SSAIB accredited so you can be certain you’ll get the very best service and top quality equipment.

Take the first step toward 24/7 peace of mind! Fill out your details below and one of our friendly staff will contact you back ASAP!