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There can be no compromise or shortcuts when it comes to keeping your home or workplace safe. As modern-day criminals are often well prepared, thorough and unscrupulous, you need to be sure that your security system is genuinely effective.

There is no “one size fits all” solution to keeping your property safe. Each building and location has its own challenges and potential risks. Whether you have a small house or complex commercial operation in London and the Thames Valley. Our intuitive security system installation – and the products we recommend – will be configured to meet the specific requirements of your home or workplace.

Falcon Fire and Security has developed its range of responsive security installation services for both residential homes and larger, commercial and public builds. We only recommend products that come with quality and reliability as standard. The security systems we create, install and maintain can cost anything from £300 to £200,000, depending on what is needed for the ultimate security assurance.

Keeping Public Sector Property Safe

One of the advantages of working in partnership with Falcon Fire and Security is our expertise and experience in providing integrated security systems and high-quality security system installation.

This means your school, factory, office building, warehouse, yard, retail centre, farm or industrial unit can have a complete security package. This gives you ultimate control and reassurance.

Our service and product package for you could include various specifications for:

Security System Installation for Homes

Falcon Fire and Security’s extensive services also include help in providing private properties with security systems. These too would be specifically configured to the layout of your home and any likely risks you face.

All our work is guaranteed and comes with the added bonus of a service and maintenance plan, to keep our high-quality systems operating effectively and updated over time.

How to Source the Right Security System Installation

It all starts when you request some up to date information about the latest in property security. This is available from Falcon Fire and Security by phone or email. We will then offer you a convenient appointment for a no-obligation site survey.

During that site visit, we can discuss the most appropriate products and integrated, cost-effective security solutions. You will then receive a fire and security plan that matches your needs and risks; offering complete safety and peace of mind.

There is lot to lose by not taking action. So, contact us today for your free site survey, and put your safety in the best hands.

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Falcon Fire and Security are dedicated to two things: great customer service and effective security solutions. Our goal is to provide you with the best and most suitable security installation.

Local, honest experts, our team of specialists are ready and waiting to discuss your unique security needs, and find a package that is right for you.

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