Pet Friendly Alarms To Protect Homes In High Wycombe

The Wanderers are not just the local team, it also describes our pets as soon as we’re out of the house. Even a good run round the Chilterns or River Wye  isn’t guaranteed to tire them out for the day!

The trouble is, how do your protect your home from burglary when Ol Charlie Boy having a sniff around sets off the alarm?!

No one wants to confine their pets to a cage… and many aren’t brave enough to attempt confining a cat! But your love for animals shouldn’t mean sacrificing your home security. After all… you love them dearly and want to keep them safe.

So what’s the answer for the animal lovers of High Wycombe?

A pet friendly home alarm system!

Here’s how it works. When an alarm is armed the sensors are switched on. These can detect:

  • movement,
  • a rise in temperature or
  • a change in feedback of an energy signal.

But how do the sensors determine if it’s a robber or Rover?

Pet friendly alarm systems High Wycombe

The two most popular choices work like this:

1. Weight detection

Some sensors can be set to ignore anything weighing less than 35kg (for example).

Doug the Pug and Daniel the Spaniel will be fine to roam around and nap on the sofa while you’re out at work.

2. Height detection

Others can be set to pick up signals over a certain height. A person climbing in through the window or walking through the door will trigger the alarm. Smaller pets that aren’t climbers will go undetected.  House rabbits of Reading can hop freely!

Pet friendly alarms mean your pets can live in peace, under the illusion that THEY are the ones protecting the house… that way, no one’s feelings are hurt.

But what if your furry friend is a gentle giant? Or something small and bouncy that likes to jump up and look out of windows? The best way to stop false alarms is to have a mix of sensors that need combined events to trigger the alert.

How to get the right pet friendly alarm for you

All pets are different so there is no one size fits all solution. False alarms are worrying for you, annoying for neighbours and distressing for our animals!

This is why you need a trusted professional to take the frustration away and provide you with a tailored solution.

Falcon have been proudly protecting properties in High Wycombe for over 25 years..

Our FREE home security survey means we will visit your home and take into consideration your pets and their favorite spots.

Armed with that info, we’ll know:

  • The right sensors for you,
  • Where to place them and
  • The correct settings to use to protect your home

You get all the protection you need for your home and family…AND Princess Fluffy of Windsor still gets the run of the kingdom! You can even integrate CCTV cameras into your Smart Home Alarm – check in through a smartphone app to see what they’re up to in real time.

First class service, every time

Of course, any Fire & Security company can tell you: “You can trust us…” and “We care“. But most see service through the eyes of the engineer not the customer.

Falcon don’t. Customers trust us because of these 3 promises:

  1. We will come when we say we will
  2. We won’t put the prices up every year
  3. We keep the equipment working the way it’s supposed to

Use the form below to contact us for a free security survey, we’ll quickly arrange a convenient appointment to meet you – and your pets!