Pet Friendly Alarm Protects Holyport Home and Hound!

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Discover how Falcon swooped in to help a Holyport family with a pet friendly alarm after they were blessed with the patter of tiny paws…

Help needed in Holyport

Bringing a dog into the family changes your life in many ways. A faithful companion and incentive to exercise every day, there’s a reason they’re known as man’s best friend! Mr and Mrs D of Holyport, Maidenhead, realised they needed to upgrade their home security system when they welcomed their new pup so they contacted Falcon.

Barking up the right tree

To make sure we got the best solution, Falcon went to the village near Maidenhead and did a personal home survey. Pets don’t come “one size fits all” … and neither do the security systems we provide. Mr and Mrs D wanted to burglar-proof their home but still allow the new pet freedom to roam around. They also saw the opportunity to upgrade to the latest convenient technology at the same time!

A quality home security alarm is the best burglar deterrent. But how can you prevent burglary if you don’t set it!? After all… your four legged friend likes a wander around and that will cause false alarms if the alarm is active! The answer is pet friendly sensors!

Making sense of pet friendly alarm sensors

Sensors can detect:

  • Movement
  • Heat, or
  • Weight

Pet friendly versions can be precisely programmed. Some only alert above certain measurements, others need more than one sensor at a time to be activated. So no false alarms to upset the neighbours (or the pup!). An intruder would still be recognised and activate the alarm so the home and the dog are fully protected.

After the free home survey, we suggested the best places for sensors and the perfect pet friendly settings to suit their home. This allows the dog to move around his new Holyport home without causing false alarms, even after he’s finished growing into his paws!
home security checklist

App-y days!

We also upgraded the alarm system to Smart technology. This means Mr and Mrs D can control their home security through an app on their phones. They can log in at any time to check the alarm status. If they’ve forgotten to set it they can do it from anywhere, at any time. No more worrying on the way to work or getting out of bed to check last thing at night! A quick tap on a phone or tablet screen brings complete peace of mind, without shifting the dog off their feet…

Pet friendly alarms for Holyport hounds and Maidenhead moggies!

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