Make Sure You Ring The Right Bell For Home Security Cameras!

Cameras are the next best thing if you’re unavailable to keep a watchful eye on your home. But you need to get the right home security cameras in the right place to make sure you really are protected

Home security camera Thames Valley

Cameras have brought everything and everyone closer together. Worldwide video chats are second nature and now you can watch Take That at the O2 from Karen’s Instagram story!

The benefits of home security cameras

When connected to a mobile app, you can log in and check on things at home whenever you like. And not just your garden gnomes! Get real peace of mind and keep a watchful eye on;

  • Elderly relatives
  • Babysitters
  • Pets
  • Teens home alone

A professional home CCTV system can be integrated with your home alarm for extra security. Alarm activated? Get an instant mobile notification and check what’s going on through the CCTV view!

Or, if your system is monitored, the Alarm Receiving Centre can use the CCTV system to check out any alerts and quickly send information to the police.

See who’s at the door, keep watch on your car and show burglars your house is not to be messed with. They don’t want to risk being caught in HD detail! However, not all cameras are the same… so absorb the following:

Don’t buy a false sense of security

Everyone seems to be selling security equipment these days. But think about it, would you go to a plumber for a toothache? Some things need a specialist, not a sideline. Home and family security is one of them!

A local security company will send a trusted, qualified engineer to your home – not just someone from a list. You should be able to recognise him from his picture on the website as you check for industry accreditations.

Remember, anything that’s easy to buy and install yourself is easy to bypass. It doesn’t take long for burglars to catch up with mass produced kit. That’s why Falcon only supply professional grade security equipment.

You can’t just buy any camera and whack it on a wall, especially for external use. Proper security is not as simple as that! Fixed cameras need to be sited properly so they’re tamper-proof and protect the right areas. There’s not much point having one tiny camera that can be covered by a finger!

The settings need to be correct for day and night. You have to be sure that tilt and zoom lenses don’t invade the privacy of your neighbours. And you have to know that your recordings are good enough and being stored securely in case you ever need them to assist the police.

Home security cameras for proper protection

To make sure you’re getting the best protection from your home security system – and the most bang for your buck – you need a personal survey by an expert. That way you’ll get the camera that’s right for your home, with the correct settings, in the best place.

With our SSAIB accreditation and 25 years’ experience, we are experts in security – Proudly Protecting Property in the Thames Valley.

Our many happy customers trust us because we make and keep 3 promises…

  • We will come when we say we will
  • We won’t put the prices up every year
  • We keep the equipment working the way it’s supposed to

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