Make Life Easier & Safer With Smart Home Security

It’s tough to juggle the demands of modern life. Busy families create a whirlwind of coming and going with work, school and after school activities. It’s nigh on impossible to keep tabs on whether your home is protected 24/7. Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to think about things like:

  • Did I remember to set the alarm this morning?
  • Did the dog walker lock up properly?
  • Are the kids home safe and sound after school?

Well, smart home security is here to make your life easier all day, every day. Find out how these intelligent home alarm systems are here to serve you, at your fingertips, all day and night.

Smart Home Alarm App

What are Smart Alarm Systems and how do they work?

A basic smart alarm system consists of an internal control panel (keypad), sensors and an external bellbox. The smart system is connected to a secure online server that allows you to monitor and control your system from your smartphone!

How secure is the server, you ask?

It’s monitored and managed by the alarm manufacturer, so you can rest assured that nobody can hack in. Falcon Security only provide you with reliable, high quality alarm systems with the latest software. Your home and family will be well equipped to beat the burglars.

Did I or didn’t I?

Ever get that sinking feeling on the way to work… Did I set the alarm on the way out? It need never be an issue again!

Use the app to check the status of your smart alarm for instant reassurance. But, if you did forget, set it instantly from the palm of your hand! You also get notifications of any events. So you’ll know:

  • When the kids are home from school after un-setting the alarm
  • When they re-set the alarm as they left for their after-school activity

And that panicky rush to remember and type in your code before the alarm goes off can be a thing of the past. With a Smart Alarm system, when you return home you can disarm the alarm as you approach your front door.

Flexibility of personalised zonal protection

Another great benefit of smart home security is the flexibility it affords. Very handy if you have a cleaner, dog walker or parcel due! Simply switch your downstairs alarm off and re-set it when they’re finished. Upstairs stays protected the whole time. You get convenience and security without sharing any alarm codes.

It’s not only for when the house is empty! This zonal feature comes in handy when people are in and you want to:

  • Switch the ground floor on for peace of mind while you work upstairs
  • Secure the nursery during the little one’s nap-time
  • Protect your home while you’re busy in the back garden

It’s easier than ever to feel safe and secure in your home and worry-free when you’re out.

A smart home alarm offers complete cover

If you have CCTV cameras, they can be integrated with your smart alarm app. This allows real time viewing of what’s happening at home! Log in to your app to keep a watchful eye on elderly relatives or check up on the kids whenever you need to. If your alarm activates you can log in to see recorded footage. Is it a real threat or has someone let the dog out? You have the power to see what’s triggered the alert and take action straight away!

Relax in a meeting or on the beach, safe in the knowledge that your home is covered. Wherever you are, you have peace of mind that everything is safe and sound.

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