The Lasting Effects Of A Break In & How To Stop Burglars Once & For All!

Thames Valley Police shared this heartbreaking video highlighting the lasting effects of burglary on a local family. The robbery happened in broad daylight and the alarm was activated. Find out what happened and how to stop burglars from stealing your sense of safety!

How they broke into the house

Jennifer tells us how they first tried to force a window using a spade they found in the unlocked garage. This is an important reminder. Many of us forget to lock sheds and garages but a burglar can use anything he can find.

When that didn’t work, he turned to brute force. Using a decorative rock from the garden he smashed a rear window and gained entry to the family home. None of this would have been quiet but still, nobody investigated or reported the noise! The average burglary only takes 8 minutes. Once he was in he didn’t need long to ransack the house, leaving muddy footprints in his wake…

Early warning system

The thief drew a curtain at the bottom of the stairs so he would know if anyone came home during the robbery. Jennifer noticed this as she approached her home. The alarm then went off as she opened the door which gave him another warning that he’d been caught in the act.

Although Jennifer suspected something was wrong, the burglar knew exactly what was happening. He rushed down the stairs, shocking the homeowner and shoving her out of the way to escape. Instead of protecting the home, the alarm had actually worked in his favour!

The lasting effects of burglary

The physical injuries healed after a few weeks but Sam and Jennifer no longer go out together. The fear of leaving the house unoccupied has stopped them enjoying trips out as a couple.

They also mention that they are constantly on edge and jump at noises in the night. Jennifer is wary of people wearing hoodies since her ordeal. There’s no telling when these mental and emotional effects will fade.

home security checklist

Why home security needs to be fit for purpose

This chilling tale proves the danger of a false sense of security. Home alarms are the best burglar deterrents BUT they must protect against the criminals who aren’t deterred! This is where you need a professional. Out of the box security systems just aren’t good enough.

A professional burglar alarm would have been tripped much earlier, as soon as this break-in was attempted. Internal sensors would have picked up on the tampering at the window and sounded before the thief got into the house. This is often enough for them to give up and find an easier victim. It also brings the power of an early warning back to the homeowner!

A monitored system would have gone a step further. As soon as the break-in was detected, the Alarm Receiving Centre would have been alerted and could have contacted the Police immediately.

Modern systems have even more benefits. For instance:

  • They can be set in zones so you can be protected while you’re at home
  • Sensors can be pet-friendly so your furry friends won’t cause false alarms
  • A simple, secure app means you have control of your security from anywhere
  • They can be linked to CCTV for a further layer of security

How to stop burglars from ruining your perfect family home…

Your home security needs to be fit for purpose. And the key to a fantastic security system is a personal survey from a trusted professional. DIY stores are for paint, not protection. Ask them to match a colour, don’t ask them how to stop burglars!

Look for industry accreditation and a history of satisfied customers. Falcon are SSAIB accredited. This means you can be sure we uphold the highest standards of workmanship and equipment. We have 25 years of experience Proudly Protecting Property all over the Thames Valley. Our customers trust us because we make and keep three promises:

  • We will come when we say we will
  • We won’t put the prices up every year
  • We keep the equipment working the way it’s supposed to

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