Intruder Alarm in Cookham Serves Up 24/7 Peace Of Mind

Living room motion detector

A Cookham family found the perfect recipe for peace of mind with an intruder alarm from Falcon. Read on for the ingredients!

Food for thought

Mr and Mrs F wanted to protect their Cookham home and contacted Falcon for help. Like most busy parents, they wanted security for their family but needed it to be convenient.

As always, our first step was a full security survey – because every home and family are different. Our experienced engineer then designed the perfect system for the home to give maximum coverage and protection.

The secret security ingredient…

Thanks to modern tech, maximum protection doesn’t mean maximum size equipment. We installed these Texecom wireless motion detectors in the home. As you can see from the pictures they are very small and subtle. Falcon’s engineers always work carefully and leave everything clean and tidy behind them.

The motion detectors connect wirelessly to the control panel. The panel is like a secret ingredient… It’s cleverly tucked away in a cupboard so the whole system is very discreet

The alarm itself is controlled via an app, which means the couple have complete control over their security system from their mobile phones or tablets. And it’s not just in Cookham, they can see the status of their intruder alarm from anywhere with an internet connection. Handy for those busy mornings when you can’t remember if you set the alarm on your way out!

intruder alarm Cookham

Convenience on the menu

The ease and convenience of the system mean it is much more likely to be used. This creates additional security, as a system that is not turned on is useless!

The intruder alarm can also be turned on in individual zones of the house. For example, downstairs can be protected at night and the family can roam freely upstairs. So no false alarms when a toddler wanders into mum and dad in the wee small hours!

Peace of mind, all the time

Mr and Mrs F are now much happier knowing their home is protected 24/7. Notifications keep them both up to date with the status of their security so they always know what’s happening.

They can now go about their days with peace of mind – and their nights with sweet dreams!

Your recipe for a secure home! Intruder alarms in Cookham and beyond

Falcon have been Proudly Protecting Property in the Thames Valley for over 25 years. We actually started out in Cookham!

We combine cutting edge technology with first class customer service. Our SSAIB accreditation is your guarantee that you’re getting the best for your home and family security. Our many satisfied customers trust us because we make and keep three promises:

  • We will come when we say we will
  • We won’t put the prices up every year
  • We keep the equipment working the way it’s supposed to

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