INFOGRAPHIC: The Quick Guide To What To Do If Your House Is Burgled

If your house is burgled the first thing you’ll feel is mind-numbing shock. Your brain freezes, just as you need it to take action! To help, we’ve created this handy infographic to guide you through what you need to do if the worst happens.

what to do if you get burgled infographic

For more detail on each step, read this post.

How to stop your house being burgled so you never need this

Of course, we hope that you never need to use this! Burglary is one of the worst things that can happen to anyone, and has lasting effects.

Obviously, prevention is better than cure so we’ve also created a FREE home security checklist. Download and use it to see your home through a burglar’s eyes and find the gaps in your security. Click the image and start checking in under two minutes!
home security checklist

Protecting property in the Thames Valley

The best burglar deterrent is a good quality home alarm and CCTV system. A combined system like this covers your home inside and out! As an accredited, professional company, Falcon’s experts will work with you to get the perfect system for your needs.

Falcon are SSAIB accredited and have 25 years experience Proudly Protecting Property across the entire Thames Valley. Our customers trust us because we make and keep three promises:

  • We will come when we say we will
  • We won’t put the prices up every year
  • We keep the equipment working the way it’s supposed to

To arrange YOUR free security survey fill in your details below. One of our friendly staff will get back to you to make a convenient appointment!