How a Burglar Alarm And CCTV System Can Help You Stay Off The Statistics!

Latest figures show Thames Valley Police dealt with 892 burglaries in May 2019. How can a burglar alarm and CCTV protect your home and family so you stay off the next set of statistics?

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First and foremost, a burglar alarm and CCTV system is the best deterrent. Most thieves want a quick and easy way in. Good quality security makes your house too much like hard work for them.

But! Note the phrase “good quality”. Cheap systems that you can pick up and fit with a basic tool kit are easily bypassed. It’s like the difference between deadlocking a door and holding it closed with sticky tape. An accredited professional will be able to fit a high-grade home security system. Look for SSAIB certification to be sure you’re getting the right equipment for this important job!

Level up

Burglars themselves say that CCTV is their biggest deterrent. Even if they’re wearing a hoody and scarf, a good quality camera can pick up details that allow police to build a case. If they try to get past your alarm system, their image will be captured and can be used against them. If your system is monitored, someone at the Alarm Receiving Centre will check as soon as it goes off and send help.

CCTV extends your security coverage to outside your home. It can protect your car, driveway and garden while you’re home or away. With modern technology, you can view footage through an app on your phone or tablet. You get complete peace of mind from anywhere there’s an internet connection!

How to stay off the statistics

1 – Use our FREE checklist to go through your home and look at your security like a burglar would.

2 – Get a professional survey. An industry specialist will know the best places to put sensors and cameras so you get the best coverage without falling foul of any privacy laws!

Falcon offer free surveys all over the Thames Valley. We’ve been Proudly Protecting Property for over 25 years. Trust us to provide cutting edge technology and first class customer service that will keep you OFF the statistics!

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