Monitored Home CCTV Systems in High Wycombe, Bucks


A standalone CCTV System can alert you if any of your sensors picks up movement. This allows you to check your footage on your smartphone to see what is going on. You can then call the Police and tell them if there is a burglary in progress at your home.

Why Falcon and Insurers Recommend Monitored Home CCTV

A monitored home CCTV system provides an instant response whenever the camera analytics, or associated alarm sensors are triggered. A professional is watching over your home 24/7, as long as the system is armed. It doesn’t rely on you receiving a text and being able to take appropriate action.

Standard Home CCTV monitoring systems

Your CCTV system sends a signal to the VRC (Video Receiving Centre). It will register the alert and call your nominated keyholders. But what if you’re too busy to respond? Or if you don’t have additional keyholders because you don’t trust / know your neighbours? A great option is to use a professional and trusted security management company as a nominated keyholder. They get the call and will deal with the alert on your behalf.

CCTV home monitoring with Police Response

Your CCTV camera images are transmitted to the 24 hour control room at our Video Receiving Centre (VRC). Within seconds the VRC verifies the cause of the signal and, if a burglary is in progress, they will notify the Police. The Police will be dispatched to your property.

It’s all done for you. 24/7. 365 days a year.

  • Don’t wait for a burglar to break into your property. Be alerted as soon as an intruder is spotted in your garden.
  • You can relax when you are away for the weekend or on holiday.
  • Improve the level of security for your family, home, property, vehicles and valuables.
  • Many faults can be resolved by remote diagnosis and reset without the need for an engineer to attend.

Home CCTV Monitoring Costs: Why You Should Choose Falcon Fire & Security

Falcon-maintained home CCTV systems are eligible for monitoring with Police Response. We are  SSAIB approved and our monitoring service is NSI Gold approved.

Our affordable monitoring packages start at £99/month including VAT. This includes a six monthly maintenance visit.


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