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Whether for work or pleasure, people spend a good deal of time away from their homes. With a monitored home alarm you can relax knowing your home and loved ones are secure and sound.  So what happens when your home alarm goes off whilst you’re not there?

  • Rely on the siren to summon the neighbours?
  • Receive a notification on your APP? What if you are asleep or out of service?

With a Falcon monitored home alarm with police response you can relax!!

  1. When alarm activation occurs your home alarm system sends a signal to an ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre).
  2. Within seconds the ARC verifies the signal, and if more than one device has activated a confirmed alarm has occurred.
  3. Keyholders are notified and the Police are summoned.

Peace of mind knowing your home is secure 24/7, 365 days a year?

More homeowners than ever before are investing in monitored alarm systems to keep their home safe from theft and even fire. Especially as many insurers insist on home alarm maintenance and monitoring by an SSAIB approved company.

Falcon are delighted to offer some affordable options including monthly payments and no long contracts.

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Panic Button Alarms With Police Response

Having your home burgled whilst you are away is a horrible thing to think about. But how much worse if an intruder breaks in whilst you or a family member are at home?

Zonal options are available with many home alarm systems. But you might not think to set them whilst you are in the house. This makes your panic button your last line of defence.

Wouldn’t you feel safer knowing that a personal attack signal from your monitored alarm will receive an immediate Police response.

Family protected by zonal home alarm

Reduce Your Insurance Premium

Most home insurers recommend monitored alarm systems as they offer a high level of theft and fire protection. Some insurance policies insist on maintenance and monitoring by an approved installer!

If you opt to have a security alarm installed at your property, you may find that your monthly insurance premiums go down.

After your alarm system is fitted, be sure to inform your insurer and find out whether you qualify for a discount.

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