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People spend a good deal of time away from their homes these days. And this can leave properties empty and vulnerable for much of the time.

A standalone burglar alarm is a valuable piece of security equipment. The presence of an alarm system is often enough to deter would-be thieves. The loud noise of an alarm should scare them off if they do attempt entry. However, some bold offenders might persist despite the noise. And, if your neighbours ignore the loud siren, the burglars could get away with their crime.

A home alarm with a standalone CCTV System will alert you by text if any of your sensors picks up movement. This allows you to check your footage on your smartphone to see what is going on. You can call the Police and tell them if there is a burglary in progress at your home.

But suppose your battery dies or you forget your phone? What if you’re asleep and you just don’t hear the alert?


More homeowners than ever before are opting for monitored alarm systems to keep their home safe from theft and fire.

Monitored Alarm Systems: The Benefits

A monitored home alarm  provides an instant response whenever the system is triggered. The professionals can call the Police if required.

With a monitored CCTV system, the alert will go to the monitoring station. A professional will look at your footage and call the Police and report a burglary in progress.

It’s all done for you. 24/7. 365 days a year.

  • Stop worrying that your home might be burgled because you missed an alert.
  • You don’t always have to keep your phone with you.
  • You can sleep soundly when you are away for the weekend or on holiday.

If fire detection devices are added then the fire brigade can also be summoned when needed. This can avoid significant fire damage within the home.

Improve your Insurance Premiums

Home insurers recommend monitored alarm systems as they offer a high level of theft and fire protection.

If you opt to have a security alarm installed at your property, you may find that your monthly insurance premiums go down. Insurers reward safe behavior with discounted rates.

After your alarm system is fitted, be sure to inform your insurer and find out whether you qualify for a discount.

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