Intruder Alarm Installation


Are you worried about home security? Break-ins at residential properties do happen frequently, and many homeowners worry about the security of their home overnight, or while they are away from the property.

Installing an intruder alarm system can ease those worries and you can relax, knowing your home is protected at all times.

How a Burglar Alarm Protects Your Property

Intruder alarm installation often acts as a deterrent, especially where the alarm system is visible outside the property. Thieves look for soft targets and will usually avoid a home they suspect has alarm protection. In the event that a break-in does occur, the alarm sounding is usually enough to scare off the burglar. If the intruder is persistent in their efforts, the loud alarm is likely to alert the homeowners, nearby neighbours, and law enforcement officers to the ongoing incident.

Many residential alarms are standalone systems which sound when triggered by an intruder. However, more people are opting for monitored alarms which link to dedicated security centres. When a monitored alarm is triggered, a police response can be ordered immediately. Monitored alarms are highly effective in preventing losses from break-ins. Falcon Fire and Security are able to offer both stand-alone alarms and monitored systems.

Intruder Alarm Installation

If you are thinking of having a burglar alarm fitted at your home for safety and security reasons, call your local security specialists today. Falcon Security Systems will supply and install residential security alarm systems that meet your needs – and your budget. Find out more about our smart home alarm systems here.

For more information on security alarms and other residential protection systems, get in touch using the contact form to the right. Site surveys are free with no obligation to buy, and we will work closely with you to design an effective property protection system that gives you and your family peace of mind.

Benefits of Fitting a Burglar Alarm

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You cannot put a price on your peace of mind, so a home security system is an investment that offers great value. However, it could also net you savings on your annual insurance premiums. Many insurers offer discounts to customers who have home security systems fitted. A standalone intruder alarm or a monitored alarm system would certainly reduce your home’s risk exposure, and insurers are likely to reward this.

Your intruder alarm can also be integrated with your fire and CO2 detectors, providing protection against multiple threats with a single system. These multi-alarm systems are becoming more popular with residential customers, especially those who use smart home devices and other integrated technology already.

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Why You Need An On-Site Security Survey

Our tagline is  Proudly Protecting Property. 

Because each property is unique, ‘one size fits all‘ security or fire protection won’t do. Your site survey makes sure you get the perfect system for your home or premises.

Our expert surveyors take into consideration:

  • The size of your home or business premises.
  • The number and layout of the rooms.
  • The best angles and positions for the equipment.

This is one way our customers benefit from our expertise, honed over the last 25 years!

After the survey, you will be provided with a detailed proposal and quote within days – sometimes the same day!

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