CCTV for Home Security

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When you install a home CCTV system your security becomes much easier to manage. You can monitor the vulnerable areas of your home from your smart phone; and you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your property is being watched over – even when you cannot be there.

Residential security cameras can prevent crime by deterring offenders, as well as providing vital evidence if there is a theft or other incident on your premises.

Home CCTV systems – your options

Our residential CCTV systems can be tailored to suit your property and your own security needs. Whether you want a single fixed camera to monitor the door to your home or an extensive security system that can check on any internal and external point, our security engineers can help you improve your home security with CCTV.

Modern CCTV cameras often come equipped with a host of features, such as voice capture technology and HD quality image resolution. Cameras can include panning, tilt and zoom (PTZ) abilities, operated manually or based on sensors, to better capture any movement on your premises. Some systems record continuously while others can send live streams to your mobile or computer. You can even have a home CCTV system that connects to a monitoring centre if you want round the clock security on your property.

Choosing the Right CCTV System

The right way to monitor your home and improve security depends on many factors. Your security budget is a key consideration: high definition camera technology is more expensive than standard static cameras, though we keep our rates competitive for analogue, IP and HD cameras to offer comprehensive security. The size and nature of your property is also important. Large rural properties might need an extensive camera system to cover all angles an intruder could use to gain access, while a small urban property can be covered easily with one or two static cameras.

Why You Should Choose Falcon Fire & Security

Anyone can say: “You can trust us…” and “We care“. But most Fire & Security companies see service through the eyes of the engineer not the customer.

Our customers trust Falcon because we make 3 promises:

  1. We will come when we say we will
  2. We won’t put the prices up every year
  3. We keep the equipment working the way it’s supposed to

Every customer gets the first-class service and attention they deserve. And we don’t take on work that will impact this.

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Why You Need An On-Site Security Survey

Our tagline is  Proudly Protecting Property. 

Because each property is unique, ‘one size fits all‘ security or fire protection won’t do. Your site survey makes sure you get the perfect system for your home or premises.

Our expert surveyors take into consideration:

  • The size of your home or business premises.
  • The number and layout of the rooms.
  • The best angles and positions for the equipment.

This is one way our customers benefit from our expertise, honed over the last 25 years!

After the survey, you will be provided with a detailed proposal and quote within days – sometimes the same day!

Falcon Fire & Security will never pester you to make a decision – we don’t sell to you.

Fill out the form with your question or enquiry. We’ll call you back to arrange a free, no obligation survey at a mutually convenient time.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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