Home Security Upgrade In Slough Keeps Teens Safe And App-y!


Intruder Alarm CCTV App Slough

A family in Slough decided on a home security upgrade during a maintenance visit. Their alarm system was almost the same age as their teenage children! Here’s what we did…

Growing up securely in Slough

The intruder alarm at the home had been well maintained, so it had done its job for over ten years. However, technology has moved on massively in that time! With children gaining independence, the family wanted security more suited to the comings and goings of a busy lifestyle.

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it

Slough, the birthplace of the zebra crossing and the Mars bar, is just 30 minutes from our HQ in High Wycombe. True to one of Falcon’s three promises, our engineer was at the home right on time.

We completed a site survey and listened to the needs of the family. Rather than ripping out something that already worked, we proposed replacing the current control panel with a Castle 46s APP enabled panel.

This made controlling the alarm system easy, using the phone or tablet app. With the added bonus that Mum and Dad get notifications and can log in at any time to see the status of the security!

We were then able to integrate the existing system with the new panel for a seamless upgrade to modern technology.

The CCTV system was also upgraded to Hikvision cameras. Falcon uses these for superior materials and excellent image quality.

We did a final run round with the hoover and checked everyone was properly set up and happy before leaving the family to enjoy their new upgraded home security.

Upgraded home security makes for an app-y family in Slough!

The family can now come and go throughout the day without compromising security. With no need to remember codes or sequences, the chance of false alarms is minimised. Modern CCTV keeps a watchful eye on everything in crystal clear detail.

The teens have gained a bit of independence. And Mum and Dad always know what’s happening with the notifications on their phones so they can be reassured at any time. Everyone’s a winner!

Home security installation and upgrades in the Thames Valley

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