Holidays Are Coming! Home Security Tips for Spring and Summer

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Did you know that burglary rates rise in the summer months? With this in mind, police have launched a “Spring Into Action” campaign with advice for Thames Valley homeowners. Here are the best seasonal home security tips!

The great outdoors

As the days get longer and warmer it’s time to get the garden into shape. Trim trees and shrubs back so burglars have nowhere to hide. Don’t forget to lock tools away when you’re finished. A shed full of expensive equipment can be emptied faster than a weed grows on a lawn!

Unlocked sheds or garages also give burglars easy access to tools they can use to break into your home. Fit a heavy-duty padlock and keep the key somewhere safe. Change the screws in hinges to one-way types or fit a metal bar across the door. Cover windows with internal netting to guard against prying eyes. CCTV cameras and security lighting will also deter robbers looking for easy pickings.

Inside out

Wifi means we can enjoy the fresh air with mobile devices. And not just for reading a novel or catching up on social media! Even completing homework or logging into the office is nicer in the garden.

To keep your outdoor space secure make sure any side entrances are locked. Move water butts or large plant pots that a thief could use to boost himself over your gate. Raise the height of fences with a trellis which allows light in but stops anyone climbing over.

Don’t leave smartphones, tablets or laptops outside when you nip in for a drink or snack. Make a family rule to “take your tech!”.

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Windows of opportunity

Most burglars don’t need brains, they need an opportunity. A slightly open window can let in more than a fresh breeze!

Ensure you lift and lock the handle on uPVC doors then remove the key. Lock windows shut, upstairs and down. Better still, consider a home alarm you can set in zones for total peace of mind. Protect the front of the house so you can really relax and enjoy time with the family in the conservatory or garden.

You can feel safe watching the barbecue sizzle as the kids and dog play, knowing that the home is protected. With the secure app you can use your smartphone to control your alarm from the comfort of your garden chair! Now that’s a home security tip worth knowing!

Zonal alarm protecting home

Key home security tip – think like a thief!

To help you spot gaps in your security, imagine you’ve lost your keys. How would you get into your house in a hurry? That’s what burglars are sizing up as they wander around looking for their next victims. And you’d be surprised at the things they can do to gain entry!

Most of us are too nice to truly think like a thief. We just want to keep our precious homes and families safe and enjoy better weather! That’s when we need a trusted expert to rely on. Someone with specialist knowledge and experience who will see the things we would probably miss…

Knowing who to trust

For something as important as your home security, you need absolute trust. Falcon are accredited by the SSAIB. This is your guarantee that we meet the highest standards in the industry. We’ve been Proudly Protecting Property in High Wycombe and the Thames Valley for more than 25 years.

We pride ourselves on our cutting edge technology and first class service. Our customers trust us because we make and keep three promises:

  • We will come when we say we will
  • We won’t put the prices up every year
  • We keep the equipment working the way it’s supposed to

Take the first step to a secure spring / summer by booking a free, personalised security survey for your home. Falcon use their expertise so you don’t have to think like a thief to protect yourself from one.

You can have the benefit of a personal security survey from Falcon, completely FREE. Fill in your details below and one of our friendly team will get back to you to arrange a convenient appointment!

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