Exploring Burglary Signs! Has My House Been Marked For Burglary?

From stones to stickers, burglars are known to leave signs that lead them back to a target property. What should you do if you find one of these burglary signs on or near your home?

Burglary sign or workman’s symbol?

Chalk and paint marks on pavements are more than likely nothing to worry about. The housebreaker’s code seen below was going around social media a while back. It has since been debunked and shown to represent pipes and cables rather than bad intentions.

So if you come home to find spray-painted signs on the ground, the good news is it’s probably not from a burglar. The bad news is your road is being dug up!

However, that’s not all you need to look for…

Sticks and stones may break my bones

But stickers and stones may indicate trouble! Facebook neighbourhood groups are full of warnings about strange vehicles driving slowly while someone goes door to door. Sometimes knocking, sometimes just looking around.

If challenged, they will say they’re checking for scrap metal or offering gardening and roofing works. Your answer should always be no!

Once they are off your property, have a good look around for anything they might have sneakily left behind. Painted stones and stickers printed with fake locksmiths details have been used previously. Remove anything you find and report it to the police on 101, especially if your neighbours have the same “calling card”.

Cracking the code

We like to think we can crack the code and be warned when there are robbers in our area. But the truth is, whether they’re leaving signs or not, burglars are always out there. The safest option is to make sure YOUR house isn’t on their to-do list!

You can do this with layers of security. Show them that your house is too much hassle to break into with:

  • British standard locks on all doors and windows
  • Having a a strict lock-up policy when leaving the house, followed by the entire family
  • Security lights that come on if someone approaches after dark
  • Properly sited CCTV cameras
  • A professional quality burglar alarm

… so they’ll go away and look for an easier target!

Your very own ‘No Burglary’ sign

A professional grade home security alarm is like a huge No Entry sign to burglars. Cheap, off the shelf kits can be bypassed easily so don’t offer the same protection.

A robber that sees a quality alarm on a house knows that an expert has been there before him! He knows that every possible way in has been protected and he’s not going to get away with anything. He also knows that if the alarm is monitored, any attempt will trigger a call to the police!

Falcon have been Proudly Protecting Property in the Thames Valley for over 25 years. We are SSAIB accredited so you can trust us with your home and family security. We combine cutting edge technology with first class service for every customer and keep three promises:

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  • We won’t put the prices up every year
  • We keep the equipment working the way it’s supposed to

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