Christmas Home Security Tips – Keep The Burglars At Bay!

With Christmas Day a week away, you may be busy wrapping presents and packing for your festive holiday, but don’t let your home security slip! Despite it being the most wonderful time of the year, the burglar thinks so too.

Christmas Home Security Tips

Read our top home security tips to keep the burglars at bay this Christmas:

  1. Lock all doors and windows – it’s obvious but with the Christmas rush and busy time spreading joy with all the family, make sure you double check that all windows are locked with spare keys out of sight. Set your intruder alarm and lock all doors.
  2. Do not leave presents in view – we love seeing our presents under the Christmas Tree but if you’ve placed your tree in front of the window, burglars can easily see what is on offer to steal.
  3. Refrain from posting on social media – we love to keep in touch with our friends and families but posting your festive holiday or showing off your new gadgets on social media puts you at risk of being targeted.
  4. Dispose of gift packaging carefully – with an influx in deliveries it is important to empty recycling bins frequently, especially if the contents of your package is not displayed on the packaging. Cut up the packaging before placing it in the bin, or even better, take them to your nearest recycling facility.
  5. Use self-timers – invest in self timers to turn on your TV, radio or Christmas lights to make your home look occupied.
  6. Register your items for FREE on Immobilse – this is a national property database which Police can access and search if they recover stolen goods. If you’ve registered your property you have a higher chance of getting it back.

Hear it from Thames Valley Police yourself as they publish their home security tips for Christmas!

Beat the burglars all year round

  1. Download our FREE checklist to go through your home and look at your security like a burglar would.
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