CCTV Cameras Looking Good High Up In Hillingdon!

A Hillingdon homeowner got an attractive solution for their outdoor CCTV cameras. Who says security can’t look good?!

Eye in the sky

When a lady in Hillingdon needed to cut down a large tree she had an extra problem. Her outdoor CCTV camera was mounted on it!

Although it didn’t quite cover everywhere, it was the perfect height and she didn’t want to lose that protection as well as the tree. She spoke to Falcon…

Sympathetic security

We did a site survey and talked to the homeowner. The layout of the large, open space required cameras to be high up. Obviously not too high, given the closeness of Heathrow Airport and RAF Northolt! But without a handy tree, how could we get the cameras where they needed to be?

Tall metal poles are very good at being sturdy and weatherproof but they can be an eyesore. An aluminium lamp post wasn’t going to suit this lovely home! We supplied a bespoke architectural pole that looks just right in the leafy surroundings.

CCTV camera pole Hillingdonbespoke pole for cctv cameras Hillingdon

















We also added to the security with an additional CCTV camera. There are now two bullets and one dome camera covering the whole driveway and front of the Hillingdon house. We used CCTV products from Hikvision for the best image quality and high-grade materials.

Once everything was in place and tidied up, our engineer went through the new system with the homeowner until she was completely confident with it.

View from the top

The happy homeowner now has a perfect view of her home and driveway. The architectural pole doesn’t look out of place but shows burglars that the property is protected by CCTV. They’ll walk on by to target somewhere easier!

CCTV that looks good as it protects your home in Hillingdon and beyond

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