Alarm Maintenance, the Ultimate Security Blanket For Your Home and Family

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How would you know if your home alarm system developed a fault? Where are the batteries and how often should they be replaced?

All quality equipment needs looking after, if you want it to continue working. Even top spec cars need an oil change! Your alarm system is no different.

Find out why alarm maintenance is the ultimate security blanket, and no longer a luxury but a necessity.

Alarm maintenance. Because even Bentley have a service department.

All technology needs TLC. Moving parts need to be oiled and some parts need to be replaced with age. We do it for our cars, our boilers – even our phones have regular software updates. The difference between smartphones and home alarms is, your alarm won’t send you a notification when things need updating.

An alarm maintenance contract offers peace of mind, for a small monthly cost.

The last thing anyone wants is a false sense of security. Imagine setting your alarm in the morning and coming home to find it’s developed a fault and switched off. Out of the blue your security is compromised. This isn’t why you invested! If a burglar takes advantage of the empty house while your alarm is down… you may as well not have one at all.

If your system breaks down or develops a fault, you’re left wondering:

  • What’s wrong?
  • Is it going to be expensive?
  • How long will it take to get someone to look at it?
  • Will they be able to fix it straight away or will there be a wait?

All this time your home is unprotected. A monthly maintenance contract with a professional installer, like Falcon Security, offers peace of mind. Rest easy at night knowing your alarm is working in tip top condition, and we’re here to help if anything should go wrong.

Take care of what takes care of you

Modern alarms have evolved from simple bells only systems. Security equipment is better at keeping burglars out and systems are more sophisticated. That’s great for our family safety but does mean maintaining these systems is harder than it used to be! All the more reason to leave it to the professionals instead of taking matters into your own hands.

  • How would you get under the bonnet?
  • Would you know what to check and replace?
  • Where would you source replacement parts?
  • Who knows where the batteries are in the system?
  • What if you actually break something!

The security of your home and family is too important to risk. Neglect a boiler service, you might get a cold shower. Neglect your home alarm, you may be faced with a break-in.

Let us help

Falcon have the expertise to maintain your security system. Our SSAIB certification means we’re a company you can trust, held accountable by a higher authority.
Our alarm maintenance contract customers have a 4 hour emergency response time but, where possible, we diagnose and repair remotely for your convenience.
We respect your time with a regularly updated estimated time of arrival for any visits needed. We also respect your home, working as quietly as possible and without leaving a mess!

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Got an existing system from a different company? Falcon can do a system takeover and maintain your alarm subject to a free home visit.

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